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A Pastini Favorite Returns

Apr 20, 2015

We know that every classic pasta at Pastini is loved by its fans, but it wasn’t until we took our Butternut Squash-Gorgonzola Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter off the menu in January that we learned just how passionate people are for this dish.  Letters, comment cards and reviews poured in from our guests asking for it back.  The people spoke, and we listened!  Butternut Squash Ravioli-Gorgonzola is back as a seasonal special, with plans to return it to our menu permanently later this spring.

We are so glad our guests spoke up, because it’s one of our favorites too.  First we make an elegant and simple sauce of pure butter, brown it slightly until nutty and golden, then we add fresh sage sauteed until crisp.  We use this sauce to cloak the rich and subtly sweet raviolis, made for us by Classic Foods in NE Portland, with organic squash from Stahlbush Farm in Corvallis.  We finish the dish with another local favorite, Oregon hazelnuts, for crunch and touch of Northwest style.  It’s a delicious fusion of Italy meets Oregon, all in one elegant dish.


We have been partnering with Classic Foods since 2001 and we are excited that they can still produce this delectable ravioli for us using local butternut squash, using the old-style ravioli machine pictured here. Want to know more about this small, local producer in NE Portland?  Just follow this link to see what learned when we took a tour of their facility. In addition to Butternut Squash-Gorgonzola ravioli, they provide us with our other fresh pastas such as sheets for Five Cheese Lasagna, fresh pappardelle for our Pappardelle with Meat Sauce Bolognese and radiatore used on our new Fresh Radiatore Pasta with Chicken & Spicy Tomato Cream.  

Thanks to everyone who requested the ravioli back…we love hearing from our legion of fans. 

Buon appetito!

Susie B.

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