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Summer Wine Wednesdays

Jun 8, 2015

Although we offer 14 wines by the glass at Pastini every day, some of our wines are only available by the bottle. So we’ve decided to do something fun with our wine list this summer: every Wednesday we are selling all bottles of wine for half price!  And that includes our wine-of-the-month.

This will be a terrific chance for you to try the wines you haven’t yet had the chance to taste, and at a great price. The sublime Elk Cove Pinot Noir will be only $18.50 and a bottle of Tenuta Sant’Angelo Valpolicella will be only $12. Incredible deals! And it’s perfectly timed for lazy mid-week afternoons and evenings on your neighborhood Pastini patio, enjoying the warm weather. Reward yourself on Wednesdays for, well, who needs a reason? 

Speaking of wines-of-the-month, we have a great line up over the summer. In June we’re pouring Rafael Rosso Piceno, a classic blend of Sangiovese and Montepulciano from the Marche region on the Adriatic Coast. The wine is made by Maurizio Marchetti, the respected vintner who also makes our Pastini Bianco. Maurizio’s fine hand is evident in this fresh, bright, food-friendly red that is a perfect pasta wine.

In July, we are featuring wines from both the new and old worlds. Sikelia Nero d’Avola hails from Sicily, where Nero d’Avola is the most important varietal. The wine is dark and lush, spicy and complex, great with hearty dishes like Baked Manicotti.  For those of you who want something lighter we’ll also be pouring Del Rio Rosé from the Rogue Valley, with bright red fruit and melon flavors and a crisp, elegant finish. My suggestion: have the Del Rio with your antipasti or salad and the Sikelia with your pasta. 

August will be really fun…we have two unusual wines you may never have hear of, both made by the delightful Antonio Sanguineti, who makes our Pastini Rosso (he also races cars, think carefully before accepting a ride with him). The white is a Vermentino, a Tuscan wine that is seen rarely in this country. It’s zesty, clean, aromatic and great for summer. The red is a Canonau, which is the Sardinian name for Grenache. Antonio had always wanted to work with this grape, grown on the beautiful island of Sardinia, and finally got his chance…the result is a versatile red with a dry and dusty complexion and aromas of red fruits – cherry, plum, pomegranate – and a lovely, earthy backbone that allows for delicious food pairings. We think you’ll love trying these two unique and delicious wines.

Enjoy your summer, and Pastini’s Summer Wine Wednesdays!



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